17th April 2017

Michael Aspinall

Easter 2017

Our list of subscribers to the Electric Edition continues to grow, and is now into three figures. In the coming months I will be working to spread the word via Facebook and other methods. I’m grateful for your ongoing support and encouragement!

I’m delighted to report that Gordon Ledbetter, editor and principal author in the booklet accompanying the set, will now be joined by Michael Aspinall, who will contribute an essay on McCormack’s technique and style. Mr Aspinall is internationally renowned for his expertise on the art of bel canto: not alone has he studied and written extensively on the subject for many years, but he is himself a trained opera singer and singing teacher who studied in Rome under Vincenzo D’Alessandro. D’Alessandro, in turn, had studied at the Conservatory in Pesaro with Felice Coen, the teacher of the great tenor Alessandro Bonci. He is, therefore, in direct line of descent from the great vocal teachers of the 19th century, and thus it comes as no surprise that Mr Aspinall is considered among the world’s leading authorities on bel canto. He has regularly contributed writings to such publications as The Record Collector, Opera and Music magazines, as well as to record companies such as EMI, Romophone, Nimbus and Marston. We look forward very much to his contribution to the McCormack Electric Edition.

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