The John McCormack Odeon Edition (1906 – 1909)

4-CD box set
91 tracks
65-page booklet of essays
Complete Odeon, Sterling and Pathé recordings

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“With comprehensive documentation and a selection of equally well-transferred cylinder recordings, this must be counted as one of the major historic CD releases of the last decade.” – Gramophone, July 2014.

This four-CD set includes operatic arias, Irish ballads, and popular songs from McCormack’s Odeon recordings dating from 1906–1909, as well as nine cylinder recordings of 1906 made for the Edison Bell and Russell Hunting companies.

These early recordings are sometimes dismissed by admirers of McCormack and collectors of vocal art because they do not capture him at his artistic zenith. They are, however, almost unique in the history of the gramophone as they allow us to trace McCormack’s steady development, session by session, from his uneven, raw, and sometimes undistinguished singing in 1906 to performances showing him on the cusp of mastery by 1909.